Make & Process Summit runs in association with the industrial experts of the CxO Board of the Wise

The Board of the Wise is a group of entrepreneurs, general managers and directors of SME’s, multinationals and non-profit organisations who decided to join the CxO community. In both CxO Magazine Print and CxO Weekend the members of the Board of the Wise are sharing their knowledge and inspiring vision through interviews and articles.

Dear manager,
Dear entrepreneur,

The CxO Leadership Forum is all about a 4 months authentic dialogue with an exclusive audience.

The CxO Leadership Forum focuses on the longer term. From August 2017 to November  2017 we report in all CxO media on the ‘CxO Make & Process Summit’. Via a congress, lectures, testimonials, talk-of-the-town reports and must-see interviews, we manage a sustainable conversation between you and the audience. We believe that this is the only way to score the best result.

Let us connect. Let us interact. Interaction between peers leads to a sustainable transfer of strategic knowledge.  Only the CxO Leadership Forum offers you a combination of an innovation battle, brainstorm sessions, debates & world cafés.

This year, the central theme is “Customer Success in the Industry”. This interactive seminar is held in the stunning Nieuwe Havenhuis in Antwerp on 5 Sept 2017.

You are the program. At the end of the congress, you and your peers are the winners.

Dirk Vermant, Director CxO Europe