Date: 5 September 2017 (11.00h-21.00h)

Venue: Het Nieuwe Havenhuis (Port House),  Antwerp (11.00h-13.00h)

The Port House, a new home for an international port

The Port House is the head office of the Antwerp Port Authority. The office building is at the Zaha Hadidplein 1, which has been named after architect Dame Zaha Hadid, who died unexpectedly a couple of months before completion of the building. The new building symbolises the dynamic, reliable, ambitious and innovative nature of the Port of Antwerp. It is the daily workplace of 500 employees of the Port Authority and it acts as a meeting place for the many international contacts of the Antwerp port community.

Venue:  De Ark before dock at Het Nieuwe Havenhuis,  Antwerp (13.40h-21.00h)

Situated next to restaurant Het Pomphuis and offering a magnificent view over the Antwerp harbor, your event will be the most memorable venue.